• The Inconvenient Android Experience

    If mobile OS were cars Android, would be a Honda Civic or a Corolla. In other words, it woukd be a solid car that is good for solving a transportation problem but the overall experience is just “meh!”. On the other hand I do consider iOS, something like driving a luxury car like a BMW or a Mercedes. The big difference is in the details and providing you with an actual experience. The iOS experience starts with the developer from the moment the app is conceived.

  • Latinos in Tech

    Last week my boss, Kara Nortman, had the chance to meet with the President at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, she asked a simple question: How do we encourage and get more women into STEM (Science Tech, Engineering and Math)?

  • PSXO Parties, Invitations, Thanks Yous

    I am so excited to announce the launch of our new PSXO App. The idea is to help you to do Invitations, Thank You notes and help you plan your parties right on the spot.

  • SEO optimize your site

    Why is my site not being seen by Google?

  • Dropping all the tables in a MySQL dev database

    I have a few servers that have clone copies of production sites. The big challenge is to migrate back, production data into the dev server without dropping the database.

  • Learning Maschine

    Recording bass has been a pet peeve of mine and i tried amplifying and i thought i got it to a decent state until recently I was showing some recordings to my friend Vinny and he pointed out that the bass was weak but his only reference was electronic music.

  • Things I still don't like about Java after 10 years.

    Its been at least 10 years since the last time I picked up Java for anything serious. 10 years ago it was my primary programming languaje doing Java Servlets, EJBs and the ocasional UI using Java Swing.

  • Moved to Jekyll!

    I have been a little too obsessed with uber-performant things lately. I try to avoid as many CPU cycles, memory usage, I/O etc.

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