• A litte tribute to John Lennon

    I was playing with my VoiceLive 2 last night and decided to pay a little tribute to John Lennon.

  • Encrypting files using Cocoa

    I have been thinking about a lot lately on security and I thought of writing a little app where I can store important files in Dropbox safely and share them with my family. As an excuse to learn the deeper ends of encryption, I did a little hackathon during a plane ride to a trip to New York a couple of weeks ago. The goal was to write a little app that eventually I can turn into its own standalone product so that I can give it to my family instead of having them cracking through GPG or OpenSSL.

  • The root of identity theft in the United States

    In the light of the recent hacks to Sony Pictures, Anthem, Target and Home Depot have shown us that data and security breaches are here to stay. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an excuse for IT departments and business to not pursue securing and encrypting data but seems like the way things are going, credit frauds will be a more common thing than normal.

  • My Friend Emiliano

    Back in October of 2004, My girlfriend at the time and I went to get some breakfast when we walked by a vet who had a beautiful liter of doll face (traditional) Persian cats. My girlfriend fell in love with one in particular, and we got him. Given the big moustache of the cat, we decided to call him Emiliano.

  • Triste Cancion the Rubber Soul Edition

    So I got a TC-Helicon Voice Live 2 on Musician’s Friend for CyberMonday. And its the ultimate vocal wonder, and as I was playing some music, and testing it, I found that some settings can be very Beatle-esque.

  • The Stack

    I’ve been away for a crazy couple of weeks, but a lot has happened. In the last couple of weeks, the stars have aligned and a lot of CTO events have happened in Southern California and I have had the fortune to attend several of those.

  • PSXO is now Seedling

    I am so thrilled to announce that the company I work for is merging with New Zealand toy and activity kit company to form a merger of equals. The most incredible thing is that this is a merger unique set of talents from both sides and is just so exciting.

  • Building a Tow Mater Costume for Leo

    I enjoy doing this basic stuff, In the past we’ve done other project, some published some unpublished but Halloween is super exciting because marks the beginning of this celebration lane: Halloween - My Birthday - Thanksgiving - Christmas - New Years. There’s something in the air and a subtle yet nostalgic quality of light change in Southern California that makes things look a little bit foggy.

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