Back in October of 2004, My girlfriend at the time and I went to get some breakfast when we walked by a vet who had a beautiful liter of doll face (traditional) Persian cats. My girlfriend fell in love with one in particular, and we got him. Given the big moustache of the cat, we decided to call him Emiliano.

Ain't no box tiny enough for Emiliano

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Three months later I was going to move to Los Angeles and she was going to move to to Japan. So I went to her place, spent New years there and then I took the cat with me and he became my roommate in a beautiful journey that began like this:

On Feb 5th 2005, we landed in LAX, carrying my cat and a suitcase and some clothes. That’s it! As soon as I landed and I placed Emiliano safely in the hotel. My first place, I chose thinking of Emiliano. I wanted him to have a small patio where he could look outside and even though he was an indoor cat, that he could get some sunlight.

A year later, we moved to another place, where in the balcony, my dad and I built a little cat apartment. He was happy as a clam checking out everything and specially some of the neighbors who came and said hi to him.

With a long distance relationship, the inevitable happened, I broke up with the girlfriend that acquired Emiliano and then I met my wife. It was instant love between both of them, she constantly carried Emiliano like a baby and Emiliano loved to play with her toes in the middle of the night.

Kitty love!

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Emiliano was laid back and easy to fall in love with. He had the personality, calm patient and wise, that I am compatible with and for the first time I felt that something was 100% dependent on me and that I couldn’t let him down. I constantly joked that Emiliano and my wife have the same personality: while Daisy - my west highland terrier - and myself have the same personality. And even though every 2 years I would introduce a new member to my life he always stayed up as the first thing I always checked for when I came in the house and the last thing I checked on before leaving the house. Also every time when I arrived late he was always there waiting for me. When I would leave on trips, he’d make his voice known that he had missed me and spend a full night with me not wanting to be appart.

Already learning from the best!

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This year, on New Years Day, I gave Emiliano a bath and before doing so, my wife noticed he was “too fat” and that his stomach felt like a balloon. We took him to the vet and they couldn’t see much because of the fluid accumulated in his belly. This is a condition known as ascites where the possible causes are all short of bad. We were referred us to a specialist that could help us diagnose him. On December 6 we found out he had cancer and that he had 1-3 weeks to live and that we should make him as comfortable as possible.

Given that I felt that I couldn’t let Emiliano down, I spent nights and days researching and understanding cancer and alternative treatments. I decided that no Moreno goes without a fight, so rather than putting him through chemotherapy and surgeries that were not going to do anything for him I at least was going to try the holistic route so I put him in a lot of products that had excellent reviews.

One day he did not want to eat, so I decided to try assisted feeding him, and spent the last 2 weeks of his life helping him to be comfortable. Those last 2 weeks I did all sorts of things together, we meditated together, I played music for him, I let him out to play in the back yard, he slept voluntarily with me many times and I feel that we even got closer than ever before. On Jan 20, I woke up and picked him up and within 5 minutes, he died in my arms. I believe he was waiting for me to do this in his terms in my arms listening to my heart, because that’s where he belongs. I learned so much from him that I believe that his passing has taught me so much that I think I am a very different person today because of him. Life is short, life is unexpected.

Emiliano, thanks for these 10 years, you were a little spiritual teacher and I learned a lot from you and you are a great friend that will always live in my heart. All I can ask god for is that you are in a place where you are loved and taken care of more than I did. I love you and I miss you.