Most of the time I introduce myself I say I am a frustrated rockstar and I don’t want to be that. So earlier this year, I decided I needed to fulfill a childhood dream: To record a full album.

The Preparation

I want to write 10 songs. But in your mid thirties its hard to write about love and all the same stories that 90% of the songs are written about: “She was so pretty, we danced, we fell in love, ohh baby I love you!”.

So I had an epiphany I should write about all the things I constantly tell myself to shut up about but that in reality I do care about. In short I need to write about what do people in the mid 30’s care about. To Improve my songwriting skills I have been trying to write for 5 mins every morning, also I have been reading books and even taking the Coursera class by Pat Pattison on songwriting.

Long story short, I want to do an online record I have been trying to push myself to write more songs and get something out straight from the heart.

One More Thing

Ok great! I will publish one of the many millions of records thousands of people publish online! Yay! But I have decided to do one more thing:

I have been blessed with having a job I love that pays me enough pay to sustain my beautiful family. Sure I could use more money but, I am not going to become rich through music publishing and in all honesty, I don’t really need or want that. I am at the point in my life that I need to be a good dad, a good human being that cares about other people and that makes a mark, so I have decided that whatever money comes my way through gigs, and song sales, I will donate it 100% to St Jude hospital to help kids with Cancer.

I will post updates here as I work on the album and as it progresses.