Recording bass has been a pet peeve of mine and i tried amplifying and i thought i got it to a decent state until recently I was showing some recordings to my friend Vinny and he pointed out that the bass was weak but his only reference was electronic music.

Ever since i got the Abbey Road kit and some Komplete essentials, I have been impressed by the quality of Native Instrument’s products, so i decided to try to “make my sound more modern” this thing called Maschine.

What is Maschine?

Its this Hardware,Software midi/sampler mashup music producing tool. Actually, more accurately is an actual musical multi-instrument.

I have found that it is a little bit confusing as it has a bunch of concepts that are proprietary. And I have read some tutorials in the past but something that really helped me was these Maschine Tutorials.

Using them I created something super basic but I am now excited to use it as another tool in my musical arsenal.