About: This Blog

This is just a repository of thoughts and other things I want to keep present and share. If you would like to share something with me or get in touch with me, you can shoot me an email to jcarlos@morenorogel.com

About: Juan Carlos

I am a problem solver. My path as a technologist includes a diverse background that comprehends 16 years of experience in different industries and fields such as eCommerce, pharmaceuticals, and Hollywood.

Through this journey I have learned a lot about business, management, art, and technology. I love how to figure out how to make things work using technology and human skills as my main tools. I love being a team player and I believe in creating incredible cultures for a business.

I have a passion for creating products that are not only technologically great, but also beautifully designed that have a big impact in mind. I know how to build and scale business from setting up the basic infrastructure to developing custom solutions. I know how to reach the balance of cost, quality and time. I lead tight ships of highly motivated developers and I am very hands-on in the process as well.

My teams typically are able to:

  • Do backend or frontend work.
  • Be technically as low level or high level as necessary.
  • Work technically or artistically.
  • Create efficient workflows that provides most effective business paths with or without automation.
  • Enhance the end user experience
  • Integrate systems

I am experienced in launching internal and customer facing products, with a good number having been featured in the Apple App Store. I have taken on a couple of entrepreneurial projects of my own such as a social network and some mobile apps. I love using new technologies and I am excited and looking forward to see what I can create with it in the future.

I am as passionate about music and arts as I am about technology. I am a multi-instrumentalist musician with more than 20 years of experience. I enjoy being on stage or recording in my home studio.

I firmly believe that my most important job is to be a dad and I have been blessed with a beautiful family so I hope you enjoy some of the family oriented posts I may have here.