• Seedling VR @ Code/Media Conference

    Today the App that me and my team are developing is unveiled. It has been a really cool and interesting project that involves developing for and integrating many technologies together. But most importantly it is an experience that mixes real world with digital world (through Virtual Reality) into one single product.

  • Seedling Grow

    Today we launched Seedling Grow, a super cute app that allows you to create a timelapse app of small seedlings you are planting.

  • Happy New Year

    My family and I want to wish you that 2016 is a year full of Love, Health, Happiness, Joy, Success & Prosperity.

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  • Seedling Comic Studio

    Today we launched our Seedling Comic Studio, a really cool app that is for young and grown ones. It is packed with different themes and with

  • Rock for Charity

    Most of the time I introduce myself I say I am a frustrated rockstar and I don’t want to be that. So earlier this year, I decided I needed to fulfill a childhood dream: To record a full album.

  • Shopify Environment for Development

    Back when we were PSXO, we used WooCommerce it required my engineering team to be very involved to develop all the things we wanted to build for our site and I believe that wordpress based ecommerce sites were just bloating the stack so much that the performance was taking a really big hit. With Shopify Plus I get almost everything I was able to get through WooCommerce minus certain liabilities and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Shopify and Angular

    In previous posts I have said that I would like to focus my engineering team on building the and not the stack. Infrastructue is something that a lot providers have solved the problem for and honestly I do feel that eCommerce is at a sweet spot and when I look at the prices of something like Shopify Plus, I get hosting, a platform, a CDN, preferential transaction rates, priority support, etc which at the end is worth significantly more than actually spending money on engineers to develop, maintain, and secure a site.

  • Mapping arbitrary shapes in HTML5 images to Javascript Events

    At work today they gave us a beautiful mockup for a lot of kids overlapping each other. We wanted to have this to be the homepage of our lifestyle brand Seedling.

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